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12-10-2010, 09:09 AM
This thread is more for my science officer, but there is a lot on information for new players.

Don't worry about spending skill points on yourself. There are respecs every 10 levels that stack.

I wouldn't really spend too many skill points on your bridge officers until they are uncommon/rares when you get to Lt Cdr rank you should have like 5 or so of them. Plus you can get rares for like 2,000 credits on the market if you feel froggy.

Do the missions... have fun. Sell stuff that you dont use. Ask questions. The fleet I joined, all I did was ask questions in Fleet, the Multi-fleet channel and on vent and the website and they have been very helpful. I suggest you do the same.

Oh.. When you get to Lt Cdr promote your bridge officers. You do not have to train their skills, but on the ground they get ALL of their abilities. Even if they are in an Ensign duty position, they can use their Lt abilities. So you go from having 4 abilities to 8 abilities. And when you get to be Cdr you get 12 abilities. Ground gets a little easier that way. But that costs merits...

Don't waste time or money on Dabo. Play it, have fun, but there isnt any real need to make Latinum. Save your credits. Oh and never wager Latinum. it is a waste to do.