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12-10-2010, 08:48 AM
Originally Posted by chadster View Post
I give up on the fleet I'm in now nobody is ever online. I'm looking for a big fleet with lots of active members, that will run stf's and pvp teams and does fleet actions together. Been gaming for 15 years so know how to play as a team. I have 3 capped toons one of tec,sci and eng. My klink is allmost capped.
So if your fleet is full of active mature members that plans on running stf's for the new loot let me know either in post here or private message thanks.
Hi chadster.

We have members dedicated to hosting events (Event Co-ordinators) and as such we are now offering fleet events, PvP matches, mission grinding sessions and more on a regular basis.
The {UFP} is a large fleet, which is active both in-game and on our TeamSpeak 3 server ( :9987).
A bunch of us just finished Infected again, but we'll be revisiting the Borg STF missions when the new loot comes out

Check us out at or contact me for more information. Always welcome to hop on our TS3 server too.