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# 1 Crafting... made difficult
12-10-2010, 12:16 PM
So if I might inquire, as it may have been an oversight on my part...
How do I obtain low level data to craft 'recipies'?

Here is the problem. I have 6 characters, 3 fed and 3 klingon. All 6 of my characters are all Lt.Cmndr and above. This problem affects my Klingons more than my feds, but the problem is still there to a lesser degree. How do I 'farm' low level data (Mineral samples, alien artifacts, ect...) when every single data sample I get is mid to high level?

I did the sorties 4 times yesterday with my Cmndr BoP Tac captain yesterday. I went back to Qonos with the intention of taking my new hoard of data to the crafting console and start my new crafting career. To my utter dismay, every single 'recipie' is first teir data samples... every single sample I had was mid teir.


So I figured, okay there is bound to be some being sold on the exchange. How expensive could they possibly be?!?

Sooo... clearly this problem is pretty common because COMMON FIRST TEIR data samples sell for 30k EACH. So yeah, not really feasable to spend 300K to make ONE recipie.

Clearly there are folks who have NO PROBLEM taking full advantage of this issue, to make a slimy wad of 'blood money'. Nice to know that capitalism is alive and well in the 24th century... and I thought Ferengi were bad.

So am I missing something, did I make a mistake, is there a place to 'farm' first teir data samples (Particularly for Klingons) that I don't yet know about?

If this is a common issue, perhaps a few 'adjustments' could be made so I don't have to be a multi-millionaire just to craft a few recipies?