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Matter has been cleared up. thank you all who helped guide me in the right direction

before the game came out I per-ordered two copies (as that's all I could afford at the time) the Digital Deluxe Edition from Direct2Drive and the Amazon copy retail copy. My wife gave me a life time membership as a anniversary gift.

I got StarTrek:TOS on blu-ray just to get the Wrath of Khan Admiral's Uniform, and even was lucky enough to have a friend give me a cup from Del-Taco for the little shuttle pet.

over the past few months I've bought four copies of the Collector's Edition, three as gifts and one for my self, bringing with me three more users into the game. Plus an other $137.50 in C-Points for all the grate stuff in the C-Store.

so when I saw I could still get the "pre-order" items I was STOked to say the least, and went out of my way trying to get as much of the cool items as I could.

now, I've hit a few snags.

the SyFy shop is down so I can't get the Neodymium Deflector Dish
I'm not going to try the Steam one unless I know for sure I'll get the Chromodynamic Armor

and I just got in my copy of the Target retail box and even have the pre-order code in from that one. and up and behold, I did not get the TR-116A Rifle.

I'm not asking for a hand out, but it would be really nice and a life confirming thing if there was a way for my efforts be rewarded. (namely granting me the TR-116A Rifle.)

Activated Features

* Star Trek Online Closed Beta
* Star Trek Online - Preorder (Direct 2 Drive)
* Star Trek Online - Preorder (Amazon Standard)
* Star Trek Online Lifetime Subscription (Pre launch)
* Wrath of Khan Admiral's Uniform ( StarTrek: TOS on Blu-ray)
* Star Trek Online Del Taco Promotion D (self explanatory )
* Star Trek Online - Digital Deluxe (Direct 2 Drive)
* Star Trek Online - Retail (Amazon)
* Star Trek Online Public Test Shard ( self explanatory)
* Star Trek Online - Collector's Edition (Amazon)
* Star Trek Online - Preorder (Target)
* Star Trek Online - Retail Edition (Target)

so please if there is any way I could still be able to get the items, all my hard work would mean something. and I'd be more inclined to go and try for the other items that are still out there.

-The Collector