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# 1 Some ideas on future content.
12-10-2010, 05:31 PM
First off, I am a returning STO player, and I want to say great job on all of the added Klingon content from Season 2 that's why I came back. However, as entertaining and well thought out all of the new KDF missions are there still isn't enough KDF content for people like myself who play exclusively Klingon.

Season 3 added a great deal of polish to sector space as well as opening a new systems and dailys, the addition of crafting, that is all good. But beyond doing a quick little mission in each of the 5 systems and raiding the federation cargo freighters there is little else to do in that whole expanse of space.

One of the biggest things I would like to see for the future of this game is an actual region of space that is up for grabs by either Federation or Klingon players, to be controlled and have some benefit to either side. A zone of space that if you choose to fly through you can be intercepted and attacked by an opposing faction player, where you will both be thrown into a instance to fight. At the same time other players within this zone will see where a battle is taking place and may be allowed to join in the fight to tip the scales one way or another. Whichever faction wins in the engagement will be given a reward like samples for crafting.

This could lead to faction, or fleet space station ownership and maybe even some large scale crafting content where you pool your resources to construct your own station or weapon platforms to defend a planet under your control.

On the other side of the token, I would love to see more Klingon missions that involve less fighting and more thought provoking, with multiple ways to resolve a given situation. I would actually enjoy KDF patrol missions similar to the sorties but within the main body of the Klingon Empire. And each day have it alternate the kind of patrol missions you get.

As far as ground combat goes,....killing 4-5 groups of enemies to complete a ground mission is ludicrous. Same goes for running around the same cookie cutter maps and blowing up 5 pieces of borg/tribble/pattern enhansers you name it. Its just boring and repetitive that doesn't give me the feeling of exploring (Fed), or conquering (KDF) anything. Its much easier to warp out when I see a planet and hope for a space mission next go around. Somethings got to be done.

Last improvement I would like to see, Feds get Vulcan, Andoria, Risa, not sure what else. There needs to be more locations for the KDF side that we can be able to travel to, and perhaps meet new NPCs to pick up quests, or to just be used as a social zone. Forcas III where the batleth tournaments take place would be a good start.

Thanks for listening, let me hear your feedback!!!