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12-10-2010, 06:41 PM
Originally Posted by Simeet View Post
The above three are all good posts and great ideas. But Chat, ALL you want is to sit in all chairs in the lounge? That's a great feature, that will no doubt happen around the time poker is added to the lounge, but surely you want more than that with ship interiors?
I like the word realistic.

Let me sit in a chair with one easy step rather than fiddle around leaving skid marks allover place and I'll be happy.

Other than that... Build a shrink ray and use it on the interiors?
Ahem... Working holodeck for replay missions maybe.

Interiors for your class?
Working sickbay for Science officers. Healing injuries.
Working engineering for Engineering officers. To make repairs to ships.
Tactical officers get... Antidepressants? :p