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12-11-2010, 02:28 AM
Ok To the op this is easy dont buy them off the exchange the other night i was crafting for a fleet mate and i ran out of tier one or red particles.

no problem i said ill go get some jumped into my ship flew to the delta vanious cluster the one to your right as you leave sol spent 30 mins scanning and entering mission collected about 60 samples and a few rare particles did a few aid the planets and although the drops were low grade i still got diplomatic points for them so no biggey plus samples me very very happy.

So if you dont have millions and millions of credits to spend on the exchange go to the clusters there is enough of them and collect particles im doing this and doing very very well. plus play the dam mini game you collect so much faster for an extra 4 seconds it really isnt hard at all.

lets not all forget crafting is not about going to the exchange and buying what you need and becoming a master in one night it takes time and effort.

I would add if one of the devs could tell us do the rare particles spawn randomly in each cluster or are the level specific
so i can only get xyz rare particles from the btran and abc from the zenas expanse