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12-11-2010, 02:52 AM
I complained about that, too, but it's more an issue for my KDF characters who have out-leveled that range and need to grind up their crafting level. The reason it's not a problem once you get your crafting level up is:
  • Schematics are selling for a consistent 35k-50k on the Exchange (look under Data Samples), and...
  • Mk IV and above gear is selling for way, way more than that.
So play the game the way DStahl designed it to be played and it's a lot easier: don't grind for Mk II samples, buy crafted Mk II Schematics from people who are currently level 5 to 10. That 50k isn't much to you, but it's a lot to them.

Samples themselves aren't even selling for as much as I expected them to. Once I got one character capped on crafting, I had enough Mk X samples that I could buy Schematics for 50k, craft Antiproton ship weapons that sell for around 300k, and earn an average of 250k per weapon to spend on samples to send to my other characters via mail.

(This does kind of screw people who got to level 51 without any crafting XP, including the entire KDF, but it's only a one-time screwing, almost exactly like the screwing level 51 Feds got when Diplomacy XP turned out to not be retroactive. No new characters or players will have a problem with it, the old timers just have a bit of grinding to do or a ton of credits they need to spend.)