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12-11-2010, 09:08 AM
Hello, I am Warrick Farrior, Fleet Admiral of Omega Fleet. We here at Omega Fleet are always looking to add new faces into our ranks. We do PVE's for the most part and will assist members with missions they need help with or clearly WILL NEED HELP as some aren't meant to be soloed. We also do a fair share of PVP as a means of testing an individual's moxie in how he or she handles their starship or occasional tourney set up whenever something comes around.

We do have members that are on at various hours during day and night as we have those both stateside and overseas. Plus we do have alliances with fleets in which we occasionally help each other out. You can check us out at our website that has been reworked at We actually have two sites currently as one serves as a backup in event of excessive spamming or other unforseen factors cause us problems on our main site.

Should you give us consideration you can expect:

-Omega Fleet avatar upon joining

-30-day recruit probation period before receiving promotion

-Information to a shared Teamspeak server that we use

-Meetings on Teamspeak (usually 1 or 2 a month held on Saturdays generally)

-Announcement updates on our thread here on STO and on our site

-Even though we have members of various ages (I myself is almost 40), we act responsibly, mature and like to have fun

-Assisting members on their missions or helping new members playing STO for the first time with useful tips and strategies