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12-11-2010, 11:14 AM
Bah who needs drawing skills. We learned the skills needed to build ships when we were 5 years old.<br />

Mine is sort of a fusion of ships as well.. some Galaxy, some Sovereign, and even some Excelsior and Ambassador. Was aiming for more of a "sate ship" or an explorer rather than a warship like the Sovereign.

Bigger version in my sig if you wanna see more detail on those shots.

Bob; I like the idea, unfortunately the image shows that its a "cut up" of the 2 source images, which makes people think Kitbash.

Leviathan: I saw that one earlier, pretty nice. The saucer prob. needs to be level though, and maybe the whole thing a little "longer" relative the height, its rather stubby on the side profile.

Def. a contender so far tho!