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12-11-2010, 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
There's a dev post around here somewhere showing level 61 Fleet Admiral rank and possible T6 ships listed at that level.
Yeah, I remember seeing that post once upon a time. I'd say Cryptic is just not saying anything on the subject currently, as it will be a minimum of season 6 (probably later than that) before they have time to properly implement anything like this.

We know from past comments (remember the first pass at retrofit ship stats and the Excelsior), that they want to at a minimum overhaul/tweak all the current ship stats/BO allocations. Cryptic has also commented on occasion (I'm pretty sure I remember this as a DStahl comment a while ago) that they would like to implement some kind of ship upgrade system as it is a frequently requested feature on the forums.