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12-11-2010, 05:13 PM
Dude I, too, am a returning player. I just came back maybe 3 days ago. And I got to tell you I think they have finally fixed the klingon content. Last night (after downloading the new patch) I got a whole bunch of new missions that were kinda like the Fed side except drenched in klingon awesomness.. I only played like two missions because it was late but it was very cool dude. I am curious as to what others who have played the past few months as well as the past day or two have to say. Someone who has been here for awhile please tell us......are the klinks fixed?

For the record the one quest I did last night had to do with going after the True way. My kilingon commander told me something to the extent of this...."The True way has ventured far into the neutral zone and has engaged our forces as well as those of the federation. Destroy any True Way forces you encounter and kill the feds while your at it."

It was sweet.

Then the quest turned into the devedians or whatever they are called and it was just cool dude. grats cryptic....I was skeptical about coming back but it appears I came back at the exact right moment.