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12-11-2010, 06:38 PM
Originally Posted by Malcolm_Kakuri
You could also take advantage of the multiplayer aspect of the game, and make a lower level friend, who can help you farm them up.

Perhaps you could even form an organization, like a guild or something!
Yeah, especially since we only get one character slot to work with.

Oh wait....

Originally Posted by PrimevalAtom View Post
Thank You, Cryptic new crafting system.

1 million in one hour....

To compare, it took me a month to make 5000 at my lieutenant level and casual play.

I'll do you one better. I had about 3.7k or so tier 1 samples, spread across three characters. I'm down to just over 400 (total) but I've made quite the pretty EC in return. This should be awesome for those people who play during "odd hours" too. While most of the playerbase is hugging their pillows tight, those folks can be seeding the exchange for massive ROI and profit.

My Orion gets her mats from a mailbox so the mad rush doesn't bother me at all. Though I do find it odd that this wasn't factored in or accounted for at all. My VA logged in with 1500 skill so 5 minutes "work" got her to the cap. Tier 1 mats aren't an issue for her at all (given the two LCDRs behind her and the LCDR a mailbox away) and I planned ahead and stockpiled. But I've never seen so many Galaxy Xs and Nebulas in Delta Volanis before. :p