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12-11-2010, 09:14 PM
Originally Posted by Tiberion1701
Bob, the rules specifically prohibit using multiple emails to submit entries.

If it were me, I would send Stormshade or another community person a detailed explanation and ask them to clean up your entries. Hopefully, if they can't do it, they can contact the people who can.
I know the rules prohibit that, but the sign-up sheet provides no way of really enforcing it. Now if it asked for a physical address, then I think it would be hard to circumvent. Understand, I have no desire to circumvent the rules; I just want to make sure my entry gets submitted.

Stormshade and Co. can see this thread. If they feel I may be in the wrong, then I'm sure they will let me know. Only then will I harass a mod over this contest. Mainly because I don't want to bother Stormshade with a long PM when he's just going to direct me to another guy.

But if a mod would like to change it:
Entry 734: Possible copyright issue (I was unaware I was using a Drex file for my template. I thought it was fair use). Entry needs to be removed.

Entry 760: Copyright issues removed. This is my official entry.