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12-11-2010, 10:46 PM
The grace of god is gone from me
I have committed sins in the name of profit
My soul has become corrupt and black as the void
I am... hollow.

Yes, I commited a terrible sin today. I am guilty of the WORST form of capitalism. I logged on to my higher level characters with the intention of mailing the data samples to my lower level alts. To create a single 'crafting' alt.

On a whim, when I was MOST weak... and most POOR, I took my samples to the exchange. At first it was just curiosity, but when I saw that ONE single mineral sample was actually SELLING for 12000 EACH... my fall to darkness was complete.

Today, I commited sin...
Today, I am damned...
Today, I made 2.5 million in 2 hours.

Thank you lord above for creating the richly desperate souls, that traded their wealth... for conveniance.
Im in the money... im in the money!