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# 1 S3 and issues still exist.
12-11-2010, 10:09 PM
Whilst S3 was indeed a massive QoL improvement, groundwork for the Foundry (which I feel has a massive potential to change the game), and other things, it still has not fixed glaring, malignant issues with this game, and surprisingly introduced a couple of new ones.

Many of these problems have been either personally /bug-ed by me long before S2, and many more discussed on the forums. I'd have hoped that some of these have had the S3 treatment but sadly, this did not come to pass.

To start:

- Ground combat is still a mishmash, and not even close to being Trek, even with the changes that make some of it make sense.
- Ship balance is still too heavily tilted towards cruisers/escorts on the Fed side.
- Lack of clear focus to cruisers (can tank and heal?!).
- Lack of role definition for science ships.
- Klingon content still has major content gaps in certain level bands.
- Simply too much content Fed-wise, to the point that you could be VA and still have more than enough to do in Gamma Ori and the Dreferi/Breen episodes to do.
- Glaring problems in specific missions like "Cage of Fire" still having its notorious problem of killing off BOffs due to pathfinding problems, etc.

Obviously if I went in depth into each of these issues I would be digging up nearly a year of comments, discussions, and the like that are in these forums. I know you guys at Cryptic can only do so much with resources at hand, but considering S3's "focus" as more of a QoL update, I was expecting these very old nagglings to be fixed by now.

Sadly, they arent.