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12-11-2010, 11:25 PM
- Ground combat is still a mishmash, and not even close to being Trek, even with the changes that make some of it make sense.
How is it not close to being Trek? I don't get that complaint.

- Ship balance is still too heavily tilted towards cruisers/escorts on the Fed side.
Rightly so, I don't feel a tilt anyway.

- Lack of clear focus to cruisers (can tank and heal?!).
Sure, why not?

- Lack of role definition for science ships.

- Klingon content still has major content gaps in certain level bands.
This is true

- Simply too much content Fed-wise, to the point that you could be VA and still have more than enough to do in Gamma Ori and the Dreferi/Breen episodes to do.
LOL most agree there isn't enough content. Content is the primary complaint I see about STO, Fed and Klingon included. I don't know how you can complain about too much content. Surely, it would be better to have too much rather than too little?

- Glaring problems in specific missions like "Cage of Fire" still having its notorious problem of killing off BOffs due to pathfinding problems, etc.
This one is true, I had this happen to me, my BO's ended up walking into the lava pits, I had to do the mission with just 2 BO's. The hirogen mission, the one where you fight on ground inside forcefield bubbles, is also bugged, the BO's never follow you through the transporters. Also, I've had hirogen somehow get out of the force field, yet I needed to kill them to proceed to the next bubble. I ended up having to drop the mission and start all over again. So there are some mission bugs that need fixing.

Obviously if I went in depth into each of these issues I would be digging up nearly a year of comments, discussions, and the like that are in these forums.
Hey, your bringing it up now apparently.