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12-11-2010, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by KazumaKat
- Ground combat is still a mishmash, and not even close to being Trek, even with the changes that make some of it make sense.
- Ship balance is still too heavily tilted towards cruisers/escorts on the Fed side.
- Lack of clear focus to cruisers (can tank and heal?!).
- Lack of role definition for science ships.
- Klingon content still has major content gaps in certain level bands.
- Simply too much content Fed-wise, to the point that you could be VA and still have more than enough to do in Gamma Ori and the Dreferi/Breen episodes to do.
- Glaring problems in specific missions like "Cage of Fire" still having its notorious problem of killing off BOffs due to pathfinding problems, etc.
-Ground combat was going to get a revamp for Season 3, but they had to push it back to season 4 due to more testing and tweaking.

-All classes and ships have different uses. Players come up with interesting and effective combinations and uses for their ships. Some tank, some heal, some dps. This is why you have fleets in the game: you have a bunch of players you can meet and then you set up your teams with the right combination for your STFs or PVP battles.

-Yes and no. It depends on the player. If hes good he'll know what to do. Same as any other class really.

-Although true, there is the Foundry and Weekly Series (series 3 is already on the way, and 4 is already being designed. Plus Tholians later on) = content for any lvl Klingon, regardless if its made by cryptic or not. its still content .

-This is actually a good thing. Lots of content = lots of options and stuff to do, even if you're already max lvl. Just fun stuff to do/more ways of getting unique or better loot.

-Remains to be seen if the ground combat revamp will also address pathfinding for both yourself and your npc away team. But again it was going to be part of season 3 but had to be pushed back.

check out their engineering reports regularly to see what they are working on .