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12-12-2010, 12:57 AM
- Ground combat is still a mishmash, and not even close to being Trek, even with the changes that make some of it make sense.
Ground combat is being fixed leading into season 4. It's not being radically changed yet but the devs said to expect a lot more ground combat changes on Tribble in the coming weeks,
- Ship balance is still too heavily tilted towards cruisers/escorts on the Fed side.
Science vessels are a orphan child needing a home. They're the weakest ships in the game - even with maxed Aux levels.
- Klingon content still has major content gaps in certain level bands.
It does ahve a ways to go (getting two featured missions every ten levels is a bit of stretch).

however, between weekly series, new dailies, and the promise of more/better pvp - Klingons should have more to sink their teeth into.
- Simply too much content Fed-wise, to the point that you could be VA and still have more than enough to do in Gamma Ori and the Dreferi/Breen episodes to do.
That's a good thing. STO is content-light as far as MMOs go.
Alternative leveling paths are generally what separate most good PvE MMOs from bad ones.
- Glaring problems in specific missions like "Cage of Fire" still having its notorious problem of killing off BOffs due to pathfinding problems, etc.
This wasn't address and does need fixing. However, a huge number of updates in Season 3 were mission ones - this is awaiting better pathfinding, a bit trickier than fixing a mission bug.