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12-12-2010, 02:47 AM
Originally Posted by PrimevalAtom View Post
As far as I know the new ranks of admiral and fleet admiral are coming out next year.
I am sure T6 ships will be coming out around that time too.
Whether there will even be Tier Six ships is TBD (to be decided) according to the information we have.

I personally hope that we never see another tier. There's just no point to it. It's not like if we get a Tier Six that the enemies are going to remain "levelled" to Tier Five ships. It's a futile arms race with no purpose since you're never going to "get ahead." Since the enemy of "at level" content will always be tailored to provide challenge for what you have at your disposal, the progression that any future tiers will provide is, in fact, an illusion.

Beyond that people have bought, with real money, Tier Five ships. Introducing a Tier Six makes all of those ships obsolete, and those purchases... kind of a bad idea. It also devalues over a dozen products currently available in the C-Store and still for sale (Tier Five ships, and ship skins). The only way to prevent this is to give basically every Tier Five ship a "retrofit" to Tier Six... which raises the question of, if we're still going to have Tier Five ships at Tier Six... why have a Tier Six at all?

It's just a bad idea to introduce another tier.

A better idea is just to expand on what we have in the game. Redesign Tier Five ships and expand and broaden what they're each capable of. Add more to what is available there so that they gain more, and more varied abilities, so that they stand out against each other and more room is created for adding additional ship types to that tier.

Build out instead of up. Instead of adding redundant Tier Six versions of what we have now, start adding in new ship types at Tier Five, with different designs and purposes.