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12-12-2010, 01:50 AM
My guess is one of the t6 ship you guess are all talking about is the tyhpoon class battleship for cruisers and the jupiter class for sci that what ive kinda got from look around for information but who knows

personal i would like them to add a system where you can refit your ship so that if you like the lower tiers ship you can refit them so you get the higher level powers with BOs and have the upgrade hull becuase if you have a nova refit lets say to the next tier it becomes that tier three and you points in and you have a better hull and the what ever else the high tiers get but the crew always stay the same so if you go out of you way to get a Galaxy in crusiers that a little Con ship has the same crew number as you. I just dont know what they would do with the dang T5 galaxy. guess you just have to up to the T5 the boom you got the powers idk