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12-12-2010, 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by RedPhoenix32 View Post
Im not talking powers, cause I know those turn the table. Im talking tech, previous canon, and how its been twisted in terms of what cryptic has done. It doesnt match what'sbeen done in the past.
Yep, it's shockingly unfair to the feds, and makes a mockery of the treaty that forbids them from producing cloaked ships like the defiant and gal-x!

Originally Posted by RedPhoenix32 View Post
That and I think a fleet full of CANNON ABLE ships vs. a fleet full of one specific ship cannon able ships is a little stupid.
1) I think the gal-x? and 3 different escorts can mount dual cannons...
2) The varanus and marauder cannot mount dual cannons, the voquov can mount cannons - but good luck with that... the neg'var rarely seems to mount cannons. Which leaves 2 bops, a raptor, a dps cruiser and maybe a carrier as common dual-cannon users...

Is that a huge difference?