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12-12-2010, 04:02 PM
Originally Posted by RedPhoenix32 View Post
Im not talking powers, cause I know those turn the table. Im talking tech, previous canon, and how its been twisted in terms of what cryptic has done. It doesnt match what'sbeen done in the past.

That and I think a fleet full of CANNON ABLE ships vs. a fleet full of one specific ship cannon able ships is a little stupid.
jees if this game were to go by CANON the klingons would just show up & explode is that what you really want ?

this is a game .. i feel its a sad joke the devs played by making all klingon ships be able to equip cannons
& it does nothing but fuel fed`s that have never played a kling in to thinking that they are OP just because they can do one thing the bulk of fed ships cant.

You want OP how about for the first 8 months of the game the klingons had no viable sci ship other than a bop which had neither the hull nor the shields of a fed ship.
Then when the klings finaly get a sci ship its the same layout as the only one that noone in there right minds uses for pvp fed side.