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12-12-2010, 07:03 PM
They have been given the Fed's photonic technology, which is nowhere near cannon.

Originally Posted by RedPhoenix32 View Post
Im not talking powers, cause I know those turn the table. Im talking tech, previous canon, and how its been twisted in terms of what cryptic has done. It doesnt match what'sbeen done in the past.
Have not the feds recieved all that has been given them in canon? Borg persoanl shielding, Ablative Armor, Hull Seperation, Claoking Defiants, Tachyon sweeping Nebulas, Claoking-phaser lance firing Galaxys, Numerous Races and traits and countless little babbles from the genre to feed your fandom?
What could we KDF possibly posses so unbalancing that does not fit both our charatcer of species and idealogy of society? Even if your could slanderously say , "here is such a thing", what tool in the federation arsenal could you not find to put your mind to use and to scounter it?

That and I think a fleet full of CANNON ABLE ships vs. a fleet full of one specific ship cannon able ships is a little stupid.
SO pulling ship designs that never made it to the silver screen or TV but do exist in other canonical sources such as liscensed RPG's, DvD's, Games and what nots - do not? DO you really expect the other factions to stay restricted to the few vessels shown for them due to thier being the vilians versus the plethora of canon vessel used by the hero's of the federation? In the hundreds of years since Archer do you honestly think the non-human races have been idel in thier technologies?
Cryptic should have every right to build up the flesh of the factions from sources outside the "pure" canon of just the movies and TV shows if they expect to reflect an modern version to fit their timeline.