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12-12-2010, 11:46 PM
Originally Posted by Nerubian_Assasin1
I sympathise with you OP, but this is not going to change especially when we have GMs and devs advocating the following as balanced:

1) klingons have carriers which can pet spam the crap out of Arenas and C and H...zerg and hold as i like to call it when I play klink side *face palm* (but obviously this is balance and dont quesiton it cuz you are just labelled as a bad pilot) + the carriers do nice DPS + they suppory quite well and quite a bit of hull on them after the shields drop.

2) BOP raider that can tank with the best of our front-line cruisers and carry better shield heals than any of our cruisers can (TSS3/EPTS3/RSP3), ofcourse out turn any of them as well *double face palm*

NOTE: Yes i saw the video Zorena posted above, his shields were down and he took a tric mine or tric torp like a pro after staying in combact for a good amount of time...but that is expected. 23k+ dmg while other ships are wooping on you as well admist of combat, yeah that tric is gonna rip you apart. Even then registering a hit like that does not come around every corner.

3) Orion Patrol cruiser aka Fed Star cruiser but just better with pets and more crew
3a) Negh'var class cruiser with the same hull and shields as the galaxy retrofit but of course better turn rate (6 deg vs 9 deg base turn rate)

4) Frigate pets really? Cuz the fact that we have to kill a swarm of 26k hp BOP pets with shields was not cool enough haha

5) Klink Mine Spam + Pet spam + sci photonic ship spam coupled with Fed sci photonic spam + fed mines = Game client lag and targetting nightmare

If you use Tab to target with all this spam, good luck. And Trying to find the target your team-mates are calling on in all of this mess its just WTH..Babylon 5 aint got nothing on this..LOLZ

6) The more carriers you have the better your team becomes + numbers game FTW. Spam those pets all doing 5-6k avg on fed hulls.. cuz 5 vs 40 is just so balanced in some peoples books! ..LOL.

7) Our so called "Dreadnought" can be ousted by a BOP
(Gal-LOL-xy X) as i have heard some klinks refer to it as.

All i am saying is seriously fail to see the above as balanced or to be advocated as balance.

Canon? This is a game you cant really argue canon here but i do agree that the above is getting a little bit out of hand. Also i find it quite a double standard that some klinks argue.. oh but we have to have our "uniqueness" when they have had no complaints in recieving the Star Cruiser nicely giftwrapped with pets.
First, even if you put those tank skills on your BoP you are still going to die from bleed-through dps. Add a couple more skills for hull healing like engineering team & aux to sif to counteract that along with a sci team to clear snb, and hazard emitters or maybe a tractor beam. Now you have a ship with 2 ensign & 2 lt. universal slots, you make those tactical slots and you're running 2 HYT I and 2 rapid fire/scatter volley. Now you have half the hp of a cruiser, maybe twice the damage of a cruiser, but you are going to be in limbo between pumping out enough damage to be useful & being tanky enough to hold enemy aggro.

Next, the Negh'var is no comparison to the Galaxy. It has less hull than a galaxy, and better turning. It's like the Bismarck battle cruiser compared to a Yamato Battleship. The Bismarck Is quicker and more advanced, but the Yamato has more armor & guns. Although this comparison is a bit weird when you detach the saucer because the galaxy is now the Bismarck and the Negh'var is the Yamato. Furthermore, don't count the Gal-X out yet, I remember pre-ramming nerf there was a great Gal-X alpha strike combo using Beam target shields, HYT1, Phaser Lance, and Ramming Speed that routinely destroyed Negh'vars and Carriers in 3 seconds.

I have trouble with lag occasionally due to mines/warp plasma, but I expect it, which is why I turn off particle effects & turn down textures. There are always those people who will try to lag others out, in a match klingon or otherwise. I'm sorry if you have lag issues, I do too. My favorite lag tactic I haven't seen in awhile is spamming strings of foreign language characters in local to give you speech bubble lag. If you are having trouble getting on target with your team then bind a key to type /target so that then all you gotta do is type the called name, in fact I think /target has a string compare function so all you need is to type the first 3ish letters of a name to target it.

Lastly if you have let them break out 40 BoPs you should get ***** because that means you have been tanking 5 carriers for 8 minutes without killing ANY of them or their birds. All the other pets are squishy enough for an Aux battery & TRB to kill. Furthermore, if you broke contact so their birds would roos and photonics disappear, you could kite them away and put them in the kill box. As for the Orion cruiser pets those die easily in warp plasma, scatter volleys, Beam FAWs, gravity wells, Tractor Repulsor Beams, photonic shockwaves, mines, or tractor beams. If that's not enough they have a 3 or 4 minute cool down can't remember which, but needless to say it's one of the longest cool downs in the game.