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12-13-2010, 04:37 AM
So, this is the first new klingons are OP thread i've seen in like 3 days, have you looked around the forums at all OP?
If Klinks are OP, Roll one,I'll be happy to watch your New Toon in action as you wipe the playing field with your OPness.Try the BoP out. Try out cannons in your cruiser.IN a month, if you still think klingons are OP,I want some of what your're smoking.
in the Chat field Type /played.
how many hours have you played? I've played more than 50 Days, more than 1/2 of that PVP, so figure roughly, 600 hours of Pew Pew against other people. & I just got my 200 day reward, most of the good klingon BoP pilots have their 300 day reward.
Experienced pilots should beat you.
Anyway, thanks for the Whine, Fedrage is always appreciated.