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12-13-2010, 08:40 AM
I can do the transport raid; What i did was cloak fly around to the lead transport, and kill the defense ships, and by the time you disable the lead ships the trailing ships have caught up.

The Erikson, not so much, I am still working on a strategy for this beast, even in a BOP with full guns it is all i can do to kill the defense and get two of the transports, i mean i can get two of them, and fly as fast as i can to the others just to see them warp away and fail. Funny thing is I can get the two in the forcefield after blow up the power and they count toward the "loot freighter" count, but I have already failed - so the mission tracker says 4/4 looted but with the failed red "x".

I wonder if that one is bugged? I like the idea of a challenge, and if i can figure out how to do it before they do any tweaking on it i will feel a bit of pride in doing it