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12-13-2010, 08:34 AM
I love this game, but the transport raids make me see red every time. It's not because they're challenging, it's because the mission objectives do not make any sense.

I raided 4 of the 5 Federation transports, and then one warped away. I then raided the other two, exceeding the stated mission objective. But I failed anyway because one transport warped away. That does not make any sense. I tried again and .000001 seconds before I could beam the cargo up from the last transport, 3 of them exploded for no apparent reason. Failed. Seriously?

Likewise, in Eriksson, I raided 4 transports and 2 got away. Unfortunately however, because the 2 got away before raiding the last 2, I failed.

My request would be to either change the objective to state what you actually need to do and why, or to allow us to complete the optional objectives despite things that shouldn't matter anyway, like freighters being destroyed or escaping. Really? We're Klingons and destroying a freighter means we fail?

I should add I tried both of these on a team and we still couldn't get these objectives. Freighters always either get destroyed or some warp away.

Anyway, I don't want to add to any whinefests here, so if I'm missing something about these objectives, feel free to correct me. However, I feel there is a difference between a challenge and objectives that are unfair.