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12-13-2010, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
@OP: so what you are saying is that there is a bug that
if you play the mission and complete it
but drop it without collecting the reward
you will not get the unique reward the second time you complete ???

that would be a HUGE bug...
Sadly, its not the bug thats got me. Its trying to complete the mission perfectly before turning it in.

I basicly completed the mission first time with destroying the ship. I didn't want an inperfect complete so I dropped and re-took the mission. Which I again completed (did this about 3 times). Then decided to wait for my friend to play it again who had already got the reward. I admit that I could have turned in the reward earlier.

What I'm complaining about really is:
  • I had no idea this reward was time limited (unlike the breen BO where they made it clear quite early on).
  • I don't think it should matter when you turn in the reward, just that you played the mission at the time (but obviously it does).
  • The fact that a critical reward mission had a well done and a poorly done ending (I don't mind that kind of ending, but not for a key mission in a mission set).
  • At least with the Breen BO reward (that was taken away) you could still buy it from someone. So, hey thats fine taking it away. Its not taking it out of the game, just limiting supply.