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12-13-2010, 11:28 AM
Same thing happened to me a couple of days ago. I guessed it would only be a temporary glitch and I was right. Although I actually decided to add and save one of the rank pins to my character but it does not appear on my character now, so I am glad I didn't start saving the changes I made to the outfits.

I noticed a heap of stuff and merrily spent about half an hour adding new outfits to my characters (but never saving them for fear of losing my character altogether if Cryptic realised what had happened). But as I say, good job I didn't add and save anything other than a new rank pin because it has gone from my character althogether now.

I played with Seven of Nine, Troi and T'Pol outfits as well as DS9, TNG and a load of other stuff in there like an array of rank pins like Chief and Jr Lt which I thought was excellent. It actually allowed me to play around with stuff and see if any of it I wanted to buy... which as it turns out I didn't. Maybe the T'Pol outfit, but the rest of it I certainly wouldn't want to pay for, so the whole adventure was quite useful in the end.

Just to note, this happened to me at the Tailor at Earth Spacedock and I think it was on Saturday.