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12-13-2010, 11:29 AM
There are currently three (four?) ways to use Borg parts:

1) Become a Lifetime Member. You get access to the Liberated Borg Race for your Captain. This gets your Captain a fair selection of face/head implants, including those with the Laser FX. You also get access to the "Infected" skin type.

2) Purchase the Borg Bridge Officer in the C-Store. You can decorate this BO in an assortment of face/head implants. Some are the same as the Captain's Lib Borg, but none have Laser FX. She does not have access to the Infected skin, but she has access to a Borg Boff Suit uniform costume type (that the Lib Borg Captain can not use).

3) Purchase the 7 of 9 costume pack. This gets you simple face and hand implants useable on your female Captains and BOs.

4) There's a Borg BO available from the KA STF. I don't have this one myself. I'm not sure if/how he can be modified.

To the OP, sure, I'd like more Borg Costume Tech in the C-Store, though I'd rather they spend their time on other costumes first (for the KDF faction and/or any non-Borg Feds/Klings -- Either in the C-Store or not). There are already plenty of options and Borg are played out, IMHO.

More importantly, to me, I'd like them to unlock what's already there for use between Captains/BOs. For example, let my Lib Borg Captain have the BO Borg Suit, and my Borg BO use the Laser FX'd eye implants and Infected skin type.

All that said, there are more Borg parts in the chute...
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