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12-13-2010, 03:51 PM
Originally Posted by Axterix
So in a true KDF "side of the story" would be you playing as one of the waves, against a single Fed team. Since that wont really work, I've changed it so that your goal is to capture said "ambassador", and you have to fight your way through waves of Feds(on P'jem) to do so. .
I'd say a true KDF side of the story would involve being part of the initial capture of the monastary, maybe with some looking for clues of Undine infiltration, followed by holding a part of it against a federation counterattack (perhaps guarding the previously mentioned clues), and ending with the battle in space where you fight the Undine. So a bit of a prequel at the start, followed by doing a different but related thing while the player is clearing the way for the ambassador, and ending at the same point, alongside what a fed would be doing.
I would agree. Having you "capture" the ambassador and fight waves of feds, feels wrong, for the mission. Axterix's version feels a bit more natural. Its tricky to pull off, but it can be done. The relevant tropes are Hero Of Another Story and Rashomon Style. Pulling off a "Hero Of Another Story" can be delicate, since the player presumably already saw the story and through their actions, caused the other side to "lose." This is where the Rashomon Style, comes in. The hero causes an action, in which the perceived result is X, but in story two Y is what actually happened.

In the case of the P'Jem story, this actually works out pretty well, because--when you get right down to it--the Heroes of the first story are dead wrong and actually make things worse. The Klingons of the story are the heroes, and the Federations, if not the villains, are the dupes of a probable Undine, Xanatos Gambit.