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12-13-2010, 05:16 PM
Originally Posted by jennjahn View Post
In the case of the P'Jem story, this actually works out pretty well, because--when you get right down to it--the Heroes of the first story are dead wrong and actually make things worse. The Klingons of the story are the heroes, and the Federations, if not the villains, are the dupes of a probable Undine, Xanatos Gambit.
Yeah, this story is nice because ultimately, both sides join together to defeat the baddy, so both win. Makes it easy to reconcile the two sides.

Trying to work an outside main character into an existing story with its own heroes is typically a lot harder. Especially if that character is on the "losing" side.

Take the Orion mission, for example. Obviously, you cannot be the Orions, they lose. But I could see the player taking some part in the initial capture of the ship, alongside an Orion ally. Some valuable cargo is then taken from the ship. And then the player leaves, but the Orion ship elects to stay behind to claim the prize ship. In essence, the Klingon side all takes place before the Fed side. Then end result would then be that players who have run both appreciate both more, as the two support each other, but they are not in conflict with each other. Both can happen in the same time line.