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12-13-2010, 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by Janko
I thought about using a ranking system as well (as I'm sure many others have), but I kept coming back to one major drawback - lack of a sufficiently large Player Base.

I'm sure anyone who has played a certain popular MMO has looked at how it works there. The difference is they have dozens of servers, each with thousands/tens of thousands of players, each of which is linked through their PvP/"Arena" system.

Instead, what I was pondering the other night was a system where based on certain triggers, debuffs/buffs would be added to a player.
  • If player A remains alive for X amount of time, they receive a damage resistance debuff
  • If player A continues to survive, then for every Y amount of time beyond X, additional debuff(s) are applied
  • If player B continues to die repeatedly without getting any kills, then a damage resistance buff is applied
  • See second point, but apply to player B, and add a buff instead of debuff

Basically at some point the best players among us will get a more level playing field with those not so PvP gifted.

I for one would love the challenge of fighting against the odds the longer I continue to survive.

Now, the points I made are only a few example, and I'm sure the community here could play off that and come up with more ideas along the same line.

I just think we need to keep in mind the current population of the game, and how we can continue to have as much of the players interacting with one another as possible.
IF there was a ranking system it would make pvp, more popular and attract more players to it. Sort of like what Star crafts ranking system did to Star Craft.

Getting special bonus in combat is not a good idea. IT is already hard enough to balance pvp, without adding new things to screw it up.