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12-13-2010, 05:04 PM
Originally Posted by Axterix
Yeah, this story is nice because ultimately, both sides join together to defeat the baddy, so both win. Makes it easy to reconcile the two sides.
Cept the only downside is, thanks to the magic of the end of episode Reset Button. Our heroes leave the episode, pretty much Not Having Learned a [CENSORED] Thing.

Far be it from me to play redactive scifi nerd here, (and I've blocked for spoilers) but between this P'Jem mission, Divide et Impera--in which we sabotage a Romulan attempt to detect Undine (and help and one infiltrate Romulan High Command); Taris--In which we find that the Romulans are they themselves totally responsible for the Hobus Disaster; and ultimately the Defari mission Cold Storage--in which we find living members of the Preservers: a race powerful enough to seed all humanoid life in the galaxy I find our ingame efforts to ultimately, for nothing. We keep having these in-game moments that should change everything about the game world, or heck at least earn us a chewing out from our superior officers, but they these events don't change anything. We're forever stuck in 2009.

Perhaps this is a feature and not a bug. Perhaps given my newness to how MMO worlds work, I'm being foolish, but I doubt I'm alone in my frustration with this "reset button" problem.