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12-13-2010, 06:42 PM
how is this for a change?

Firstly change the scoring system in Capture and Hold matches to add scoring for every "Strategic" point that you own. make the points go up as the opposing faction loses score.

this should change capture and hold gameplay to something a lot more strategic, and hopefully make it feel like it is not an excuse to rack up over 1 million damage.

secondly- add more PvP game modes.

I have already thrown in a suggestion, and there are a couple more suggestions that also had similar merit. A more fun and interactive PvP will draw in more PvP enthusiasts.

and i would also ask to add changes such as forcing all members of the same faction onto teams- so they can better interact and communicate. Also adding a chat channel for each faction/house/squadron would also benefit for the games with more than 5 players. this will help make communication better in the PvP matches