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# 1 C-Points too Expensive
12-13-2010, 06:56 PM
I would put this in sugestions but I don't see a place for them in the forums like Champions Online has.

There is just too much coming out that is only put on the c-store. If I use my points on this game I won't have enough for all the stuff I want in Champions Online. I play both games and am a Lifetime member to both as well. I am starting to think I have spent too much money on these two games already when every little costume costs money to get in this game. Can we please get a way to earn costumes through gameplay other then wasting money on crap costumes and ships? I find that both of these games are fun but I play Champions more because I have more friends there. I paid way too much money for this game to have such crap customization for my costumes. I understand we can't have as great of customization as Champions has for costumes because of the genre but can we please get something more than the bare minimum?