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12-14-2010, 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by KamikazKid
Sorry that was a bit off-topic, but I had to point out when the TSI guys talk out of both sides of their mouths. A few posts back they were defending stun-chains as a legitimate strategy, instead of what it is, broken. I guess now that the shoe is on the other foot & it's jammed up your @$$ it's time to ask for a stun immunity.

I don't think FAW 3 is OP by any means. I think it's crappy about 55% of the time.
Many moons ago, faithborn linked to an illuminating article on player attiudes regarding PvP. If you have read it, you might understand this take of TSI.

Essentially: The first goal for "PvP hardcore" players is to win. They will use all the legal tools provided in the game. If that means they "have" to take broken combos, they will. If you really want to win, you have to do what it takes to do that.

So yes, stun-chains are a legitimate tactic. They can - and even should - be used. There is just nothing wrong with it.

But that doesn't remove the possibility that it is OP or ridicilously strong. Good design for a power is orthogonal to the goal of winning a match.

There are to seperate mindsets you can operate under. That of the player trying to come up with a way to win battle. And the game designer, trying to ensure the battle is interesting.

We tend to mix these mindsets. Every player also has a little game designer in himself, trying to find a way to make the game "better" for him. But your game designer mindset won't help you succeed in a PvP match. Only your mindset of a player trying to win will make you do that.

I am personally a guy that doesn't like to use "cheese", because my game designer sensibilities are offended by it. But that can and will weaken me in PvP, since I am trying to avoid the "cheese". I am a "scrub", as the article described me.

I suppose many members of TSI are not scrubs. But that doesn'T mean they aren't capable of entering the game designer mindset and noticing which tactics are possibly too strong.