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12-14-2010, 02:56 AM
I have basically the same problem as everybody else. I'm in a BoP, but not totally specced out.

Erickson is a fail because there is very little time to deal with the civilian escorts and loot at the same time. They move fast. This is by far the mission that is the most time limited.

The convoy raid fail because of freighter destruction. This is pretty obvious of case of bad coding and can be easily fixed.

And after you disable a freighter, they can move again (repair) in a very short time (they have like 50 Scotties in each freighter). But then when you shoot at them again, instead of disabling them again, they just go boom (good job there tactical officer).

It is hard to understand the author's intention without explicit explanation or digging through the forum. Optional is very different from Very Hard.

And last but not least, the incentive/mission reward for doing the sorties are low. You do 3 standard length missions for 1 emblem (the extra hard almost impossible to get optional objectives aside). In normal dailies, you get 1 emblem per mission; in VA explorations, you get 4 emblems per 3 missions.

It can be argued that these sorties are meant to be anomalies farms, less so as emblem grind. But that's also a fail. There is absolutely no control/selection of what grade of anomalies you will get. Which basically means they are useless for crafting despite the higher rate of collection (good for selling I suppose). Also you CANNOT get particle trace from freighters, so fail for crafters again. There are 6 grades of anomalies, so the proclaimed 4 times as fast means that you will collect the anomalies you actually need SLOWER, at the same time collect a bunch of other anomalies that is only good for sale. So if you want anomalies for crafting at the desired grade, you'll be better off doing explorations once again.

CONCLUSION, A/B Sorties are good for getting anomalies to sell. Not good for emblems, anomalies to craft.

p.s. to the devs reading forum posts, one thing with online polls/feedbacks, just because 100 people say the missions are super easy (or hard for that matter), doesn't mean that the other 50000 subscribers find them easy too. Missions that are too hard are just as bad as those that are too easy. Please consider the diversity of your client base.