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Dear concerned customer,

After reading your post title I felt you may have had an issue that requires immediate attention. After reading your full post with careful diligence I have concluded that this serious issue you speak of is in fact not that serious. I appreciate your willingness to contact customer support with this issue and have reviewed your concern in full with it being weighed to the games other current serious issues. At the moment unfortunatly this issue is not high on any priority list. We will give this complaint it's due attention once all other game bugs, graphical issues, content inconsistancies, and balance issues are met to the satisfaction of the customer base.

We as a community are sorry you feel this issue takes precedence over the afore mentioned issues we are currently experiencing. Rest assured that once these issues have been met we can then address your problem with the attention it deserves. As you have not stated that this issue was in relation to a bug or faulty game design, but rather lack of player foresight in game play there is nothing we can immediatly do to resolve this issue in the time frame needed to secure your satisfaction.

thank you for your feedback


The unsilent majority

<Castogere has no affiliation with Atari or Cryptic studios. Castogere's opinions expressed herein do not reflect that of Cryptic or Atari. While Castogere can sympathise with the OP's concern as Castogere himself has also found himself a victem of said lack of foresight. Castogere does not expect Cryptic to immediatly change the structure of rare bound special items from a episode promo. Common sense would dictate that since the Breen series rewards initially had this expiration of special offers on a promo series, that the following Davidian series would follow the same model of expired opprotunity to secure said offered reward. Castogere also notes the OP's opinion that actual customer service can be difficult to obtain and recommends an alternate approach to the issue at hand. Castogere in no way directly or indirectly is attempting to flame, troll, or cause the vein to pop out of the OP's forehead. Castogere's responses in general should be taken for base comedic value and nothing more is implied. Castogere is just trying to prove a point>