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I don't know if it was a Foundry bug, misplaced door, or a poor description, but I ran into two missions in a row that I could not even start because I could not figure out where to go.

One mission started off well with a really good description highlighted in green. Go to the Iota Pavonis Sector Block, and proceed to the Bolarus Sector.

Then it said to to go to Llaiir III. I assumed he meant go to the Llaiir system and that he'd made a custom map for Llaiir III.

when I got to Llaiir, there was no popup of any kind. In this case, it seemed like it was a misplaced door, or incorrectly coded mission since he seemed fairly specific on where he wanted me to go. However, I wonder if it was a nearby system or something.

another mission told me that there was some sort of invasion in the "outskirts of Memory Alpha". He didn't strictly tell me to go to Memory Alpha, but I assumed as much. I went there, and once again, no popups. Also, he didn't say what sector block it was in either, but atleast most people know where mem alpha is.

These missions made me want to come here and say it again. If the player has to run around figuring out where to go, you're doing it wrong.