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12-14-2010, 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by Treagersama View Post
Yep, thats what the 'half resolution' setting is for.

Sorry OP, but you can't 'teabag' in space, so fireworks will have to be the adequate replacement.

And seriously, if fireworks are nuking your computer... it's time to set ALL your graphic settings to LOW. If fireworks are still the cause of your lag out, then you shouldn't be playing STO, your comp isn't able to handle it.

My buddy doesn't even have the MINIMUM hardware requirements listed on the box, puts all his settings to NORMAL, and still manages to never lag out.

How can you even PLAY pvp if FIREWORKS lag you out?!?! As was stated before, a single gravity well should KILL your comp if thats the case... eject warp plasma... feedback pulse... any NUMBER of NORMAL abilities should lag you out before fireworks!!!

I'm not bying it pal... I think you just don't like being 'teabagged' by the fireworks everytime you get killed. Fess up, and stop trying to blame it on the innocent fireworks.
Firing off fire works after a kill is not the issue. Tying your fireworks to your space bar which fire them off all the time is the issue. Interestingly enough I have seen very few fireworks in FvF but it seems to be rather common to see Klingons firing it off in KvF.

As some one pointed out earlier the fire work emote is tied to an exploit. So try again.

So no, I am not buying it.

My complaints stands as is. Fireworks in PVP does not have a place. Barrel role probably does.

And as I said before the game has enough lag causing issues it does not need another one added. Ironically I rarely lag in FVF but KvF? KvF is lag central.