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12-14-2010, 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by Bladeriel
My current workaround is to play a ground mission solo on Holodeck with a full BO team (you don't even have to complete it) and THEN transfer your char to Tribble. The team picker still doesn't showing up, but this way you can have your BOs with you (the ones you had in you last ground mission on Holodeck).
Yes! This works. I always beamed down on my 'main' toon alone, even after recopying it to the test server. However, when I read your post it occured to me since all I do on that toon is STF so I am always on a team of 5 human players, and no BOs. So I went to a star cluster explore and beamed down, then just beamed back up, exited, recopied my player to test server and sure enough I have my normal away team Thanx for posting this.