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# 1 Foundry Key Questions
12-14-2010, 09:31 PM
Ok, so no dialogue options.

Can I have a fork in the road where an npc describes the three paths and if you follow the wrong one, say to the wrong npc at the end of that road, he explains you need to restart the mission? Is there even a map with a fork leading to 3 roads?

Can I have 30 npcs all clustered together, each with slightly different dialogue if you speak to them?

Can I use a ship interior as a map?

IF I wanted the player to fight a copy of his own ship from the mirror universe, is there any script for that or I have to preset what ship it is?

Can I create a marker that initiates a map transfer that is a wormhole? A) is there a wormhole effect I can add to the system, and if I make the trigger on top of it, can I make a dialogue box pop up asking to confirm entering wormhole, then the player instantly warps to a new space map? Like can a player pop from once space map in Sirius Sector to another without travelling, ie via supposed wormhole?

Can I have them disable and board a Klingon vessel, for instance? I mean if I add the Klingons as an objective, can I set the script to stop making him a target once you hurt him to a certain point? If so can I then have his disablement trigger a pop-up to beam to his ship initiating a map transfer to a Klingon ship interior?

I can't get on Content Creation to try this, I make a project, go to Edit then it takes forever and says I dropped out, normal server works fine.