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12-15-2010, 01:02 AM
Originally Posted by Warem
Well, to be fair the missions were extremely easy on normal without the bug, which was NOT present in Tribble the several times I ran them.

I think it's a mistake to give out that many emblems on them - I have no problem with 5 emblems for path of the warrior, but I think 2 emblems for a 15 minute sortie is way out of whack. This will net the very boring (but profitable, at least for a while) grind of 4 emblems each half hour (2 sorties, each takes 15 minutes tops on normal without bugs, probably less since you don't have to care at all about the optionals when grinding this way)
I'm not too sure about that:
- "rescue the deferi hostages" is 1 emblem and takes me 2-3 minutes.
- the deferi cluster of missions is 3 emblems and takes longer, but probably still faster than the sorties.
- the 3 missions in Eta Eridiani. The freighter is 2 minutes or under, defending the deuterium is maybe 5 minutes ditto the satellite repair. All return 1 emblem.

For me, the current return from the sorties is 'bad', unless the crafting loot is useful (and/or you manage to achieve the bonus - which is currently rather confusing).

I guess a compromise would be to create dailies for the both of the sorties that return 1 emblem, and leave the existing 1 emblem reward. (so you'd get 2 emblems the first time, then 1 emblem for each subsequent run?)... [like the exploring emblem rewards]