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12-15-2010, 05:24 AM
Remember that people send in a design for a ship. They don't send in stats. Heck, even the size is probably negotiable. Not many designs actually have visible windows that could force a size issue, and I suppose in any actual implementation in the end, compromises will have to be made. The OP probably might have devoted too much time on the technobabble here. But at least he also spent some good time on creating a design.

I don't like several things, but my most important:
- Nacelles are too big. The J has very small ones. I like that direction.
- Hull section too big compared to saucer.
- I'd rather have docking stations for the support ships.
- No biodomes.


Not that I think a 4km long ship will be what would actually get into the game. It doesn't make much sense assuming the J is even remotely likely in this timeline.