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12-15-2010, 07:27 AM
Originally Posted by DoggyDude
Everyone has this issue.

Count yourself lucky you didn't save/purchase.

The usual reasons for the above are:
  • Your prior/current off duty selection now conflicts with present uniform restrictions (e.g. what parts can be combined with what other ones).

    They way they seem to be dealing with that is to reset all the illegal parts (on any subsequent change) to parts from the default uniform pieces allowed (hence the random swapout). Sometimes, it just resets the whole cosume to the default uniform (your other observed behaviour). Looking on the bright side, at least they where not silly enough to reset the parts on existing costume slots (that would have been "game over" for me playing this game).

  • The other possible reason is that you have managed to create an off duty uniform in your additional costume slots.

    Theres a bug (feature?) which means that with additional costume slots for the first creation you can only create a uniform in the slot. On you "second" EC funded change you can alter the slot to be an off duty slot uniform slot. However, any furthur customisation will permenantly doom your additional slot to become a uniform only slot.

Yes, this doesn't really make sense. Yes, I lost an off duty uniform this way. Now I religiously make sure my additional off duty uniforms are perfect out of the gate (but I will never get my [Ophidian Cane] now *crys*)
hmmmm, i see, well its too late for me to get my off duty uniform perfect lol. I am just annoyed at the fact that they are not bothering to try to fix this issue.

BTW why will you never get you Ophidian Cane?