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12-15-2010, 08:27 AM
I fully agree that we should be able to make "harder boss fights" even if it meant those "edited" NPC's were removed from the loot table.

The whole loot table, scaling NPC's, etc sounds like a complicated core game mechanic. In so much as, when they created Foundry the loot table was already tied to the NPCs.

The question is, can this be done without throwing a snaffu into the whole NPC, loot, scaling tech? As I suspect, the loot table wasn't added to Foundry, it was already hard coded to the NPCs, and this is the concern of the devs. The work involved to cut the ties to the scale and loot tables might be so overly complicated (if even possible) that it's just not worth the risk. Risking a chance at breaking the main game to add features to foundry is probably not an option.

Maybe down the road when the dust settles and Foundry is a more stable platform, they might revisit this idea. For now, we must be content for the Devs to plug away at Foundry to get the features they have laid out in the Road Map working.

In the meantime, leave the Weekly Episodes and Epic missions in their hands.