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12-15-2010, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by Axterix
I agree that there's enough reasons not to play the KDF, but most of those stem from lack of content.

Encouraging Klingons to grind the same 2 missions repeatedly won't help there. Especially when one of those missions is rather meh, basically the same thing in 3 systems, patrolling a large area to kill a measly 4 fed groups. I dislike doing all the dailies enough as it is with 2 characters.

I'd also say that there is plenty of carrot at the end of the stick for Klingons already, with Klingons having more interesting T5+ ships than the feds. The problem isn't there. The problem is in getting to that point. That's where we do the same repeatable missions over and over. And over. And then we do it again. Doing all that just so that when you hit max level you can then do just 2 missions over and over...*shudder*

The lack of Klingon content won't end until the Foundry goes live.
I think you fail to see the point. If Gozer's efforts are not deemed to be worth the Development time spent on them, there will be no more content. These two missions are a start, now if you take away the higher reward fewer players will do the mission, therefore Gozer's time might be seen as a waste from a development resource standpoint. But if the higher rewards get more people to grind these missions, then there is a greater chance for more.

I was in the foundry closed beta, unless something has drastically changed while I was gone and it went to tribble the potential for foundry to reinvent the KDF content problem is simply overestimating its power. It is a nice tool with great potential, but it also lacks the kind of flexibility that will allow for truly unique content, that stuff will still be left to the devs to design. Therefore it is in our best interest to play and love anything a dev spends their time on, otherwise we are less likely to get more.