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12-15-2010, 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by Axterix
And I think you are missing the point. It isn't hard to be a Klingon. And Klingons are plenty rewarding at max level, offering ship options the Feds lack.

What drives people away from Klingons are two things. First, Star Trek is traditionally about the Federation. Second, leveling a Klingon consists of running the same missions over and over again. Does offering more emblems for these 2 missions address either of those? No, it doesn't.

What does it do?

Well, it would make it easier for Klingons to grind out emblems, as well as gain resources for crafting. So a high level klingon is easier to gear up. So now Klingons are easier to gear up than Feds, which won't make the PvP crowd any happier. So you've ticked off the PvP subset of Federation players.

And Klingons will run those same missions repeatedly, because players tend to do what offers the best return on time invested, even if they don't really like doing that. And then they'll grow to dislike things and quit. Players, as a generalized concept, are rather stupid that way. They'll do what offers the best short term reward, ignoring the long term consequences of it.

Encouraging me to just run the same two missions over and over with my Klingons won't make me more likely to play Klingons. It'll do the opposite. I'll be less likely to play them. I won't do what I currently do, because the rate of return on time invested isn't as good as it can be. I won't grind those same two missions repeatedly, because I'm bored out of my skull from doing so.

Now, when the missions get fixed, having the daily offer 5, that means I'll run these missions at least once a day. A nice alternative. But having the 2 missions themselves reward two is bad for the game because it blows the return every else out of the water.

It isn't something that is quite ready yet, it needs a lot of work still. I would hope that it doesn't come out for at least 2 more months, based on its current state and functionality. And that assumes there's some serious work being done on it.

Regardless, with the speed content is added in this game, the Foundry is the only hope for an interesting variety of episodes for Klingons within a reasonable time frame.
If we are going to get more content it is going to only come from more people actually playing our content and the Devs agreeing to devote time to more of it. Since there is so little of it, right now rewarding them for grinding it is the only way to do it.

The Foundry is not going to change drastically before it launches. And likely will never come to replace dev designed missions. It is what it is, a nice tool that lets us create mostly patrol style missions with a little bit more depth.